Friday, May 22, 2015

Shoe review and Oh Stella Ella

The story of the week yet again.  I have been lucky in that I haven't had any days where I had to run in the rain as it has cleared up usually about my running time in the afternoon.  The skies have been dreary and cloudy for all of my runs, and I am starting to really miss the sun. I need some vitamin D therapy!
The sun did peak out on one of my runs.  This big dude has been subbing for stella ella as she is on the injured reserve list.  Honestly the cooler temps and cloudy days have been a big blessing for him.  He has a ton more undercoat and top coat than stella and even though I keep them brushed out, the heat affects him more than it does stella.  
Her paw looked really really good, and then all of the sudden it has taken a turn for the worse.  I am going to take her into the vet today to make sure we are doing everything right.  So far my only goal has been to keep it clean and not bandage it, but we may have to bandage it.  She went from not really messing with it, to licking it at night, so we may  have to look into the cone of shame as well.  I can't for the life of me figure out how she did this.  I don't run her on hot pavement, and we haven't seen the sun in a weeks anyway.  The only thing I can think of is running on wet pavement last week caused a blister?  I hate not running with her, but I don't want to damage her paw even further.  She doesn't even limp, but I know it has to hurt!
On to better news! My news shoes arrived this week!  I was pretty nervous about switching brands, as that did not go well the other time I tried (sorry brooks, I LOVE you clothes but just can't make your shoes work for me).  I wore these around the running store, and they felt amazing, but I will still super nervous to make the leap to a new brand and new shoe.    I found them during a huge sale on and had to get them for the sale price they had them it, because sale price = must buy right now, right? I got them in on monday and finally got to road test them last night.  Since we have 10 days of rain chances forecasted yet again, I thought while it was sort of sunny that I would do a short run with them to make sure they were going to work.  All I can say is WHOA!  These shoes are seriously like running on pillows.  I immediately appreciated the extra room they seem to give my foot.  The saleswoman had told me that they run wide and I thought that might be a bad thing.  My feet felt so comfortable and not squished at all the whole time i ran.  I have lately been feeling like my foot swells during my run, and that my nike's were some how constricting them.  I never felt that feeling at all during my 4.5 miles.  I did feel some calf pain that came and went in my right leg, and some pain in my right knee, but I am dealing with some right quad issues (possibly IT band issues, NO!!)  anyway, so I don't think the shoes caused this.  I was a little worried as I laced up, because they didn't feel as snug as my nikes, but my foot did not move at all during my running and have absolutely no blisters. I stayed mainly on the road so no gravel running yet but again, was really pleased at how cushioned these shoes were without feeling clunky.  I also noticed that my foot felt more flat without the larger heel drop, and I kind of liked that feeling.  
Overall, two big huge thumbs up.  I can't wait to put more mileage on these babies and see what they can do.  I love the color combo as I am a true KSU Wildcat fan and I  love ANYTHING purple.  Since we are suppose to get rain this weekend and we have had tons of rain making my running routes a bit soggy, I probably won't wear them for my long run as I do most of that on my gravel roads.  I just want them to stay pretty for a little while:)  
Deuce gives the new Sacouny Triump ISO's his paw of approval!  Will continue to update on how they perform, especially as I start my marathon training NEXT WEEK!!!!!

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