Saturday, May 30, 2015

A little catch up

Of course as I started my first week of marathon training, I had to get sick.  Par for the course, right? Not sure where this one came from, but I have yet another cold.  While I would have loved to stay home and sleep, I had new students in the lab all week and tons of research that needed me.  I also had just easy runs on the schedule, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to get them done.  I am happy to say, while I am still nursing this cold, I have been able to make it through everything.
I am seeing lots of these lately.  Big happy, well fed snakes.  I guess the rain is forcing them from their normal places of hiding.  I like snakes but almost stepping on them scares the hell out of me.

This came up on my time hop.  I can't believe I did my very first 5 K 4 years ago.  Wow.  Let the addiction begin.  I did this race and came home and signed up for three more.  Yep.  Addictions!  

 I completed my first strength training work out this week per Coach Jenny.  I had 6 exercises I had to do with a range of reps per exercises, with 2-3 cycles prescribed.  Let's just say I made it through 2 rounds barely.  You think you are in such great shape because you run, NOT!  I was a big pile of jello the rest of the night.
kind of hard to do superman with a kiddo on your back
I also was very bad and bought myself a "I just started marathon training" present.  Ultimate Direction products, I LOVE you.  I have their vesta vest for hydration, and now I am the proud owner of their new "Meow" pack.  Let's just say I can't find anything but super positive things to say about it.  My current pack was beginning to move around and annoy me, even though I had tightened the belt twice.  I can't stand things flopping or moving when I run, plus it was not big enough for my phone +otter box case to fit in, so it was time to find something new.  The new Ultimate Direction Meow pack is large without the bulk and fits all of my crap I like to tote when I run (Shot blocks, phone and occasionally, TP:).  

I am looking forward to using it to run Chicago. It fits nicely on the front or back and BONUS, it's purple, my favorite color!

Okay will have an update tomorrow on my weekly runs and of course THOMAS!  We have tickets to the Thomas Day out at our local railroad.  Andrew has been about to bust since realizing he was going to meet the REAL Thomas.  He wouldn't even go to sleep last night because he wanted to see Thomas RIGHT then.  I promise there will be tons of pictures and tons of fun had today.  

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