Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rest and Recovery and SHOES

Ran three miles last night and felt surprisingly...good.  I was anticipating lots of walk breaks, but I just didn't need them.  Had  nice run with my BRF, which we haven't done in a long time due to crazy schedules, and just talked and ran.  After the garmin half I felt beat up and tired.  I took some extra time to make sure I was fully recovered before amping up the mileage again.  It also helped that the last two halfs of the series are three weeks apart instead of one week.  On paper the last couple of months haven't had a ton of miles but every mile was very meaningful and thought out.  It's odd after you have been injuried AND you are still battling some nagging issues how careful you become.   Other than the races themselves, I haven't done any speed work or hill repeats.  I needed some time off from hard work outs to let the few lingering issues heal, and I am glad that Coach Jenny agreed.  I have been missing my hard work outs a lot lately, and can't wait till they are back in my schedule.
 I am already dreaming of big PRs next year for my Heartland Series.  I will probably leave Rock the Parkway as my A race, as it has the most potential for fast.  I love that each race has its on uniqueness.  Rock the Parkway has massive numbers and great crowd support throughout the entire race course and very forgiving hills.  I love that Garmin has a hotel less than 1.5 miles away from the start and finish line and goes through a paved trial that enters the woods and takes us along a scenic path for a change from running on roads.  I can't say enough good things about Running with the Cows, including a very scenic and tough course, great aid stations, tons of friendly volunteers that are very happy and chipper very early in the morning, and of course the super cute merch and HUGE buffet post race!  This race will be for sure on my race calendar for years to come.

and add in free pictures.  Both RTPW and RWTC offers this

 I will for sure be taking it easy the rest of this week. I am tempted to do 11 his weekend with my running pals, as they do their last big long run leading up to the Bill Synder half in Manhattan, but may just do an easy 8 or so on my long run route.  The corn is growing and the grass is getting green, so my rural running route is calling my name.  My goal is to stay around 15-20 miles a week with more if I feel better.  This week will be conservative for sure but I will be getting out as much as I can.  We are having a cold front right now and temps are perfect for running, so I shall take advantage.  

In other news, I ordered a new pair of shoes and in a different brand.  I am super excited and super nervous.  I tried on some Sacouny Triumphs at the Diva night at our local running store and LOVED them!  I got to walk around in the store and also on the treadmill and just could not get over how comfortable they were.  My feet felt so comfortable and now I totally notice the heel drop in the shoes I run in as they have less of a heel drop.  I won't get them till mid may but look forward to getting them and trying them out.  Roadrunnersports.com has great prices and I am glad they have a 90 day send back policy just in case.  Once again I hate to cheat on my local running store but I just couldn't beat the prices.  I so hope they work and that they will be my go to shoe:)  Ready to be part of the Sacouny family!

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