Saturday, May 23, 2015

Victoria Secret Sports Bra Review: The Ultimate Sports Bra

I am always on the look out for a good sports bra.  I had average sized girls, but they got a tad bit bigger after the kiddo was born.  I have been using Moving Comfort for years per advice from other mother runners, but all of the sudden, I have had big chaffing issues.  I was professionally fitted last year at an event at our local running store, but I don't think they got the size exactly right.  The size of the bra I got was a whole size bigger than what I normally get (the cup size was my normal C cup), and I am sure that is probably what caused the chaffing.  As i have painfully learned, if the bottom band of your sports bra is too big, you will have bad chaffing no matter how much body glide you put on. I  trusted them to know what size I needed, so I kept thinking that I was doing something wrong and thus repeated chaffing.  I do like sports bras that are very supportive and you don't move in the moving comfort bras.   I also like sports bras that are back closures as opposed to front closures, and I like the girls to be firmly held in place.

Enter the Victoria Secret (VS) Ultimate Sports Bra.  I found them by accident really, and was amazed and how wonderfully they fit.  The price tag was more than what I normally pay for Moving Comfort, so I was hoping and praying for better results.  I had a professional fitting and they put me in a 34 DD, which is a much bigger cup size but a much smaller band size.  While I do NOT think I am a DD, the cup size seems to fit well and feel good.  Here are some of the features I really like about this bra:

Underwire and formed cup!  Yes, I thought this would be uncomfortable for working out and running, but I am pleasantly surprised.  They lift and support and don't bother me in the least bit.  I think they help keep the girls in a good position and there is NO movement.

Back closure  I like the fact that I don't have to wrestle this bra on or off over my head. Again, I was a little worried that it wouldn't be as secure and supportive with this type of closure, but I haven't had any problems with it coming open during a run or anything.

Small band at the bottom of the bra  Again I was a little worried that there wouldn't be enough support without a wider band at the bottom but I am guessing that the underwire helps with this and keeps pressure off of the band.

Adjustable straps  While I do really, really like the velcro of the moving comfort bra, these are pretty easy to adjust as well.  I like racerback or just straight shoulder straps, so the fact that it can't be criss crossed doesn't bother me.  According to the new catalog, the straps can be changed from regular to criss cross, so this must be a new development with this line, as my doesn't have the ability to be changed.

Padded cups  Again I wasn't expecting this to be so nice, but the girls feels supported by the under wire and cushioned by the padding.  I do not feel like I am in a push up bra and the padding doesn't make weird silhouettes.

What I don't like:

Price  Okay the more I run, the more I realize NOTHING is cheap or free as I was told several years ago :)  I finally had just gotten use to paying 50-55 bucks for a sports bra and retail this bra was in the 60s.  Although in looking up the bra online, the price has dropped, so maybe this is not a dislike, just a dislike at the time I bought my bra.  I will say that the bra is very good quality as is most of the bras I have bought from VS so you do get what you pay for.  Most of my VS regular bras have lasted years with repeated use, so I expect the same from this one.

The plastic parts on the straps for adjustment and where the straps meet the bra  They are down right uncomfortable.  When I was being fitted, the sales lady was really rough adjusting the straps twice and I had huge blisters from her pinching my skin. I just thought it was because of those that the pieces  bothered me.  Nope, they still bother me.  I think if I wrapped them in some sort of cloth or band aid or something, that that would help.  They don't move around at all, they just feel like hard plastic on your skin.  You would think they could come up with something more comfortable and less cheap looking.

Overall, the things I like about this bra outweigh the things I don't like.  I just did my first long run with it and had no problems.  I had only previously done 4 or less miles with it just to make sure it wasn't going to cause any problems.   I am looking forward to doing more long runs in hotter conditions to see how the chaffing goes.  Today I did lube up just in case and had no issues but it was pretty cool and overcast/cloudy while I was running.  I will keep you posted as to how this bra holds up but I give it two thumbs up!

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