Sunday, October 9, 2016

I am not really sure what to call this week

This week has been all about recovery...... and Beer.  Well, I have to de-stress somehow if I don't have my running to help!  Don't worry, I am talking about one a night, and not every night, so don't worry just yet:) Fall is my favorite time for beer, because I am one of those odd people who really does love pumpkin and harvest flavored beers.

Yeah, haters going to hate.  

Does anyone really know what a harvest tastes like?  Anyway,  my plan was to take this week off from running with a few bike rides sprinkled in.  So far, I have gotten two bike rides in and two runs in.

I hadn't planned on running, but Friday was GORGEOUS, and I just had to get a few easy miles in.  Fall is FINALLY here and I hope it stays.  I LOVE this weather!!!!!  

Plus, I need to start getting this guy up to speed since he is going to be subbing for stella.  Stella seems to be doing better with the IMPA, but now she is back to being lame.  I feel like the steriods give her a false sense of pain reduction, and she over does it, and then hurts again.  I hope KSU is right and that she really does just have an "athletic injury", and that it is just going to take time before it gets better.  I hope we are not dealing with erosive IMPA.  Leave it to stella to be that 1% of the dog population.  

Got another slow run in on sunday.  4 miles again with this big dude since the weather is nice and cool.  He got the zoomies a few times, and I just had to laugh.  No pain per se but a few little twinges of what was and what could be if I am not careful.  

A little side note about shoes.  I ran in my lift shoes that have two stabilizers for Konza, and that is when my foot really started hurting.  I decided to run my 50K in my regular Kinvaras with no lift and no stabilizers.  I had little to no pain, but was also taped quite well.   I ran my first slow easy run in my kinvaras.  No pain per se, but the shoes feel like they are done.   My feet are craving a little bit of cushion right now.  Today, I ran in some other shoes that I have that have both cushion and stabilizers.  The cushioning felt wonderful, but the stabilizers really aggravated the side of my foot.  I think even if I need stabilizers and a lift to correct my imbalance, for whatever reason, I am going to have to heal this injury in regular neutral shoes.  Here I come my beloved Saucony Iso Triumphs!  

I am getting fairly nervous about how we are going to structure the next couple of weeks.  I have exactly three weeks of training as I type this.  I feel like I am still in recovery mode, and may be for the next week as well.  I don't want to push it and possibly anger any of my old injuries that I have been nursing.  I have not had an ache or a pain post run last sunday, and I have been super shocked at that.  I want to keep it that way.  When I did my run friday night, the tibialis anterior tendon was tight and kind of sore. Nothing bad, but I have been icing just in case.  I am heading back to the chiro next week and am seriously considering needling.  I know, I know, I said I would NEVER do that again but if it could help, then maybe I need to get melly to come and hold my hand and grit it out.  

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