Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Stella update

Just a quick update.  Stella has slowly started showing symptoms of a flare up.  She spiked a fever the first day we were on the every other day pred dosage (10 mg every other day).  I have called KSU and they have upped her dosage back to 20 mg a day to see if that takes care of her fever.  I am sick to my stomach with worry about her.  We were doing so well and then this.  I hate seeing my very active little girl reduced to nothing.  She is so sore and stiff, and I am sure scared.  Well, I am scared too.  Scared this nightmare will never end.  On one hand, we know how to treat this.  On the other hand, the symptoms on high dose steriods are horrible in there own right.  Just after taking the higher dose of steriods, her fever had come down, but she is still very stiff and immobile.

An update to an update:  Meant to publish this last night.  At 1 am stella was panting so bad that I had to lift her off of the bed and carry her in the bathroom to lay her on the cool tile.  I don't think her fever was higher but laying in the bed with all the covers was making her very hot.  I got her some cold water and she seemed to cool down. I left her laying there and went back to bed.  At 4 am I awoke to her standing over me (had gotten in the bed by herself) staring at me willing me to feed her.   She seems back to normal this morning and back to being pred hangry. Three lakes of pee downstairs (Which may have been an assist from Harley as well).  Will keep everyone posted.  

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