Monday, October 24, 2016

T minus 2 weeks till my second 50K attempt!

Another week closer to 50 K number two!  We are in another epic heat wave (hello fall, where are you?).  I just feel like summer is never going to leave.

Monday:  Rest day.  Said good bye to my mom and stepdad.  Thankfully andrew didn't really understand they were leaving, so he wasn't too upset.  Hopefully soon he can go visit them in Tennessee by himself!

Tuesday:  Planned 6 miles with hills.  Woke up with a not so happy tummy.  Since both of my favorite hills are in town with no places for a pit stop, decided to just do my 6 out on the country roads and sprinkle in some fartleks.  Sadly to say, that didn't even happen, as my tummy just wouldn't cooperate with the plan.  Made one pit stop and had to run like hell to get home in time for pit stop number 2.  Got my 6 miles in, but no speed work or hills, unless you count the fast finish to the bathroom as speed work.

Wednesday:  Bike ride!  Chasing the sun since it sets so early.  Major sad face.  I am not ready to put my bike on the trainer again!  Add on the early sunset and the fact that it is still the harvest meant lots of big grain trucks on the road bringing the soybeans in to the Co-op and scaring me to death.  I need to get my bike outfitted a little better to handle me riding in lower light.  I need a blinky light for the back and big lamp for the front!

Thursday:  6 miles planned.  Got up and it was rainy and cold, so I opted to go back to bed, which meant I had to run post work.  Usually, that is no problem, except in my new lab, I was completing a project that had time points where I collected samples every 30 minutes, and our growth chambers are upstairs.  That meant all day I was running up and down two flights of stairs every thirty minutes.  To say my legs were dead was an understatement.  My legs were super toast, and it took a lot of convincing to get them to behave for 6 miles.

Side note: I am continuing to run with Deuce, and he is doing so well!  I am so proud of him for being able to step up and hold on to this mileage.  Before, he would run beside me or even behind me.  Now that his fitness is up, he is always right in front of me, just like his little sis.  Now if I could just quit calling him Stella when we run #mombrain.

Friday:  Cross training/strength training.  Does holding a four year old while standing in ridiculously long lines waiting for five pieces of halloween candy count for something????

Okay, let me back up.  It was homecoming for the KSU wildcats this weekend, and it was trick or treat down in Aggieville too.  If you don't know, Aggieville is the bar section of manhattan, and is where I lived in graduate school (kidding, sort of).  They have a trick or treat session around Halloween, in which some of the businesses hand out candy.  You stand in the longest lines ever invented with toddlers/little kids/babies and collect candy.  After standing in line for over an hour and getting four pieces of candy (and andrew was super good at waiting, I was not) I told andrew I would buy him a whole bag of candy of whatever he wanted, just so we could  not stand in line anymore.  He agreed, so we got a prime spot for the homecoming parade, and he got to burn off some steam by running around with other candy infused kiddos in the closed off streets pre parade.

The parade was fun but long, but he got even more candy and got high fives from about every girl in every sorority walking behind their floats.  Let's just say the red hair is a chick magnet.  Post the parade, we headed down to fuzzy's tacos to eat, and then we had some ice cream from Cold stone for desert because well, us parents hadn't gotten any of the candy, so we deserved something for waiting in those horrible lines.  I am just sad that Halloween has come to this.  

While I am super grateful to the communities for holding these types of events during the day, where kids can trick or treat safely,  it makes me sad that Andrew will never get the joy of going door to door and getting everything from popcorn balls to pennies, to full size candy bars that the little old lady down the street handed out. 

Anyway, as we were leaving, we caught the beginning of the band pub crawl, which is my favorite part of being down in aggieville on a game day weekend.   Andrew got a high five from willie the wildcat, and got to run around with the silly band kids!  I am secretly hoping he will be a band nerd just like me!

Saturday:  Planned 10 miles.  

I may be smiling, but it was forced.  I had yet another not so good run.  My legs still feel like they are running threw goo and my body just still seems tired.  I have yet to have that magical run really that I normally have that signals I am recovered.  I know the last race/run was hard, even if I count it as a glorified long run, so it will take longer, but I took time off and didn't run and then slowly returned.  Maybe not slowly enough:(

Post the kind of crappy run, we headed to the pumpkin patch.  Andrew had been with his class, but we wanted to go as a family since it is so much fun.  This is his I am over doing photos face. 

We had smores at the patch and we decided they were so good that we needed to have them at home as well.  It was a perfect night with fire, marshmallows, good friends, chocolate, and little bit of beer :)  Fall (I think) is finally here and we are surely enjoying it!

Sunday: Planned 5 miles.  Had to do this one later in the day, around sunset to be exact.  It was another beautiful fall day and we took full advantage of it by working outside all day.  Again the run was just eh, despite the nice temps and no humidity.  I am ready for magic and unicorns.  Hopefully that will happen on race day!!!!

Another week of kind of running and kind of tapering.  27 total miles of mostly not so great runs.  One more week body and then you get some time off this time I totally promise.  Of course this is my favorite time of year to run and it is getting darker earlier so hard to hit the bike post work, but I will do whatever my body needs to get it into a better position for marathon training for my April marathon.  

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