Sunday, October 16, 2016

Stella update.....It's back. Why I hate IMPA

Remember how i was just at KSU vet med with stella about two weeks ago for her monthly check up?  Remember how she was lame on not one but two legs?  Remember how we all thought that this was NOT a flare up (me included).  Remember how she spiked a fever not once but twice once we tapered her to 10 mg every other day? Well, after consulting with KSU, they upped her pred back up to 20 mg, once a day and asked for a recheck in two weeks.  Two weeks was roughly this last friday (october 14th).  The vets at KSU now think that she is in full blown flare up, as she is now limping in not one but three legs.  I honestly don't know how she is motoring around some times, since it is one back leg and both front legs.  Here is the plan thus far:

1.  Back on 20 mg of pred for an extended period of time.

2.  Codeine for pain, even though it makes her supremely loopy, but as needed.

3.  Add in another drug, Cyclosporine.  One week of this stuff was 88 bucks.  Sigh.  I have no clue how I am going to pay for this other than the credit card.  We did source a slightly cheaper version but it was 80 bucks for 30 pills.  That is 15 days worth, so 160 bucks a month just for this pill.  Apparently,  this is a second immunosuppressant that is suppose to be milder than pred on her body and with side effects, but I have yet to notice a difference in the pred hangry and the peeing, so the jury is out on that one.  Maybe we will see it happen when she goes lower on pred???  I honestly had a break down in the waiting room, while I was waiting for them to bring her back.  I am at my limit with Tony trying to get his new business off the ground and us trying to buckle down on our budget.  This blows our budget out of the water honestly.  This was also after we had to buy a new bed because the springs were poking out on Tony's side of the bed.  

4.  Another recheck in 2 weeks, which means another day off of work and more money.  Friday's visit was 200 bucks, and I am sure they left something off  of the bill as they always do.

5.  The only good thing about this visit was I did get the same attending as the last couple of visits, and he did come into the room yet again and talk with me.  He reminds me of Alan Rickman, but don't tell him I told you that.  I asked if he would do a sit down consult with Dr. J (stella's PCV) and I , but he said he only does phone consults.  Whatever, I just need my vet to know what the plan is.  He did agree that checking the protein values in the urine is probably mute right now, so there is one less test we have to do.

6. No joint taps this time, but will probably have to do them again before we reduce the level of pred and or cyclosporine.  They did a CBC to look for general inflammation, but I have yet to hear the results of that.  I probably scared the poor student with my emotional break down and she doesn't want to call me and have me blubber in her ear.

I just want stella healthy and not lame again. I don't care if she ever runs again or catches a frisbee, I just want her happy and healthy and I will sell my right kidney to finance this.  Immune mediated diseases suck big time and i know that this is all a big guessing game.    That is all.  Time for a long run and some meditation.

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