Sunday, October 30, 2016

Second 50 K here I come

Race week!  Here we go one more time!!!!

Belt buckles!!!  Please be mine shiny belt buckle! I have worked so hard for you.  Please let the weather behave!

Monday:  Rest day and run around like a chicken with my head cut off day.  I stayed home to run around with my chiro appointment at 7 am, stella's appointment at KSU, and then lunch with a good friend of mine.  Andrew took a 4 hour nap at the end of it all and I wished I could have!

Tuesday:  5 miles with melly.  Finally a run that didn't feel like death.  Maybe it was distraction?  If so, I hope I am hugely distracted during my run this weekend :)

Wednesday:  Rest day.  I actually had a run scheduled for today via my coach, but I am so use to running tuesday and thursday that I forgot about seeing it on the schedule for the week.

Thursday:  4 miles planned.  That was the densest fog I have ever seen.  I could barely breath it was so dense.  Deuce and I couldn't see a few feet in front of my face.  It was 42 degrees and 94% humidity!  Really Kansas!

Friday:  Traveling to Ottawa and packet pick up plus pasta feed!  We had an uneventful trip and a quick dinner before heading to hotel.  Not much excitement, got to meet up with Lindsey and let the kiddos play a bit, before heading to the hotel and getting in bed.  Didn't sleep well despite the melatonin. Wasn't nervous, just couldn't get the temps right and andrew was waking up a lot during the night, which he never does.

Saturday:  Race day.  I will write a separate blog post about race day.

Sunday:  Rest day.  Feeling pretty good.  Still battling some issues with my urine and my body thinks I need to start my period again (just like last time), but overall feeling pretty good.  I feel like even though I got good sleep that I am very tired and almost hung over.  Going to try and stay hydrated and get some food down today.  Couldn't really eat yesterday, even though I was hungry. I would be hungry for something, try to eat it and then want to puke.  Hoping today will be better.  Going to try and stay active but also rest.  Looking forward to a nice long week of bike rides and walks with the dogs!

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