Monday, October 31, 2016

Mile 90 Photography Free pics of the race

Mile 90 photography is the BOMB!  She always gets the best shots and I have to put a post together with just her amazing photos.  They are all free and all so great that it is hard to choose which ones to post.  

Pre-race meeting by the trail so we can cheer the 50 milers on while getting directions.  We runners sure are a colorful bunch!  

Heading out with Lindsey.  I don't know how old the guy is in front of me but he was a beast of a runner! The lady in the yellow was dancing on the trail at one point.  I guess whatever gets you through works!  She smoked me in the end so it definitely worked.

Heading out and talking to Rebecca, my new running pal.  We started at the same pace but she finished about an hour ahead of me.  She has three kiddos and is my new hero!  She did a timed race and finished 40 miles in 9 hours and change.  WOW!

Out on the trail.  My traditional pose.

At the finish.  This is my damn, I can't believe I just did that and glad I am done face.

 Yes I have way too much stuff in my pockets.  My body glide was banging around in my pack, so i took it out and put it in one of my short's pockets.  Yes I look like a pack mule.

Relief and pure joy.

Yep.  Happy, glad to be done, in disbelief.  Can someone please stop my garmin, I don't have the ability to:)

Now can somone please tell me why I peeing pure blood? LOL!

Now I am feeling all the feels.  I love the fact that andrew is peering around my leg.  I sure do love my family, running and otherwise.  I couldn't have done this without them.  Big shout out to Body First for massaging me and JointFit Chiropractic and Dr. Needles for the ultrasound, scraping, adjustments, and needling.  Thanks to my hubby for all the baby sitting, shuttling, worrying, and love.  Thanks to my little red head for letting me go out for hours and run, and for being good while I recovered.  Thanks to my BRF Melly for being there every step of the way this training cycle.   You mean more to me than anything!!!!  Thanks to Robin, my other BRF, for biking with me when my stupid injury flared up.  Thanks to all of my friends for tolerating me talking about running, thinking about running, breathing about running, and running constantly.  And that is enough sap.  Enjoying a beer finally thanks to my tummy finally calming down and my bladder calming down and not peeing out anymore blood.  Looking forward to a week of relaxation and recuperation, with some biking sprinkled in and then a few weeks of light running before the next training cycle begins!   I am totally sold on ultras, so we shall see what the next few weeks bring as far as rethinking some goals.  

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