Monday, October 24, 2016

Stella Ella Recheck number who knows

We are officially in remission again.  Well, without confirmation from joint taps or blood work, but I think KSU knows how much this has been costing me, so we are going off of symptoms alone.  I did see the same Dr and student again today which was very helpful.  While everyone has been awesome, it has been quite the roller coaster seeing different people each time.

Andrew went with me and was quite the help.  He even talked with both the Dr and the student extensively about his Stella Ella.  He walked her around the building, sat with her, and took her potty for me (with my supervision although I had to pick up the poop:).  I see 4-H with stella in his future for sure.  

The plan moving forward is this.  Taper one drug at a time starting with Pred.  That is fine by me, I hate the crazy symptoms.  I would rather pay more money for a drug with less symptoms, than a cheaper drug that makes my dog a demon.

Let Stella set the pace as far as exercise.  I casually mentioned she wanted us to throw the ball constantly now, so we are going to try leash walking again and some ball throwing.  If she is sore, we cut back.

I will go back in three weeks and see the same attending and hopefully the same student.  I really like consistency.  We are all on the same page and it helps so much.

I really hope this is the final push to her being well again. The spark is back in her eyes again, and the Dr. mentioned the fact that she went back into remission so quickly, that that is a good thing.  The funny thing was, my actual appointment was for friday and I totally spaced on it and had her old appointment in my phone, so showed up at 10 like normal.  When they couldn't find me in the system ( and did find me for friday) they quickly moved her over to today so I wouldn't have to come back.  That is service for you!  Thanks KSU Vet Med!

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