Sunday, October 16, 2016

T minus 3 weeks till 50K number 2

Time to get down to business!  Back to training for my new 50K.  While this will be kind of like a super long taper rather than training, I would rather arrive slightly undertrained than injured.

Monday:  Rest day.

There is a giant pumpkin at the entrance to Hyvee that we HAVE to take a picture with every.single.monday.  I was hoping they would sell it by now, but they took the price tag off of it so thinking it isn't for sale anymore.  

Tuesday:  5 easy miles with melly.  This was her first run back since the race and my third. My legs are starting to have life again, and it feels great!  What doesn't feel great is getting back into the groove of getting up at 4 am.  URGH.  I do love the alone time and the time to get stuff done around the house, but pass the caffeine!  My body sure was loving the extra 3 hours of sleep every day.  Funny story.  SO there is a river near our rural road we run on.  We can hear air boats and geese down there at times.  We were running and heard what sounded like a whole ton of geese taking off from the river.  It was so loud that we stopped running and realized, that wasn't the sound of geese, but the sound of a HUGE pack of coyotes!  We picked up the pace considerably, and then a pack on the other side of us starting answering.  Holy moly there were a ton of coyotes in both packs, and we were surrounded!!!!!  Let's just say we ran with purpose the whole way home!

Mom hand made andrew's costume

Wednesday: My parents rolled in to town to take Andrew to the pumpkin patch, and to hang out with us this week.  I had planned on doing something, but we ended up just hanging out and eating.  There will be much eating when they are here, and I will probably gain back all the weight I have lost lately.

Thursday: Planned 5 miles post work.  Melly and I headed out to run in her hood and get some hills in.  My legs are really starting to feel like normal finally!

Fascia busting is no joke

Friday: We all split up and went separate ways.  I went to KSU with stella for her recheck and to my chiro for my recheck, and mom and my step dad headed to the pumpkin patch with Andrew.  I will write a separate post about Stella, but basically KSU has changed their minds and they do think she is in full blown IMPA again.  She is going to go back on high dose steroid AND cyclosporine, which I quickly found out is very expensive.  I am super upset, as I have already borrowed money once and now am loading up my credit card, but her health is more important than anything else right now.  Even though it was raining lightly, I think Andrew had a ton of fun with grammy and granddaddy.

Saturday:   Planned 5 miles.  What a day.  First, we got up early and loaded up to head to Marysville to see a real steam engine.

I read about this on someone else's FB page.  This is the 844, and it is traveling to ironically, TN.  We couldn't see it at any other time Saturday, due to soccer, so we had to get up and head out to catch it.  While it was slightly earlier than it was suppose to be, and left much earlier than it was suppose to, we saw it pulling in while driving up, and got to see it leave the station.

Steamies have LOUD whistles!!!!  It was so cool to see a part of history this morning.  After seeing it leave, we loaded up and headed back to Wamego to soccer.  This was our last game.  Bittersweet for sure.  While I have been frustrated on how to motivate this age kiddos, we have had some fun, and bonus, andrew even scored a goal today!

The best part about this soccer season is that all of the kiddos improved in some form or fashion.  I hope they all have great seasons this spring.  Will have to see what Andrew wants to do about next year when it is closer till time.

Sunday: 12 miles planned.  It was super humid, like 100% when I headed out.  I meant to get out at 6 am, but it was more like 6:30 before I finally hit the road.  

This is the picture that I sent my coach.  Even though it was in the mid 60s, it was super humid which totally zapped me.  I hit the end of 12 out on the road about a mile away from the house and yes, I had my mommy come and pick me up:)  That is how bad it was.  

I decided to take a chance and take Deuce with me and have my hubby on standby if he needed to be picked up.  He did AMAZING!  He did get in every puddle he could, but whatever kept him cool was fine with me.

Someone got some extra special love while I was gone.  Grammy love is the best.  Unfortunately, she is lame on her rear leg again.  I guess the disease was affecting the front two, and the rear could possibly be an injury.    One TPLO coming up when I can get a second loan.  Sigh.  

Post run we headed to the zoo for a morning to see the animals.

This was the last day to have my parents here.  I am very sad for them to leave.  I just wish they would move to KS!!!!!

Well, another week of "training" in the books. I say that loosely, because i am not really sure what we are doing or what we can accomplish at this point.  27 miles total, so I guess you could call it a super long taper?

Have a great weekend and next week!  One more week of "training" and I get to taper yet again!

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