Friday, October 7, 2016


thanks to Lindsey for posting this one on my wall as it is perfect!

Okay, so I thought long and hard about this one and well, here goes.  I need a redemption race.  I know I can do this distance (50K that is) so I need to prove to myself that I can finish and finish strong.  I talked with many of my friends who are more seasoned runners and they all said GO FOR IT!  I also consulted with my coach and chiro.  Well, my coach was supportive and I think my Chiro's words were something along the lines of you are crazy, but I think i prompted him to call me crazy, so there is that.

This was the original race I wanted to do, but it didn't fit into both Mel and I's schedule.  I have decided to give the 50K distance a second chance and try this race.  It was a bit pricey to enter late, but I just can't end this year without a success in this distance that I have trained so hard for!  50K take two!!!!

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