Thursday, June 18, 2015

Almost friday!

Where has this week gone?  Almost the weekend already, hard to believe.  We are still super slammed at work which again, is a very, very good thing.  I have had two runs, a rest night, and a strength training night thus far.
my helper as I plank.  he has my pony tail and is yanking it.  So much fun working out with a 3 year old around
Speaking of strength training, I am up to three rounds of the 6 or so exercises Coach Jenny has me do.  I am pretty proud because even though I run, I am in horrible shape strength wise.  I did have a bit of a scare last sunday.  Upon doing the floating lunges, my right hip all of the sudden, had a searing pain in it.  It was bad enough it took my breath away.  I had jump lunges in my list to do so skipped those and completed all of the other exercises that did not involve using that hip.  After the immediate pain, it just felt sore and after a day or so, the soreness disappeared.  I was pretty worried that I had done something bad, but in the end, I was fine.  

I am enjoying my work outs though disappointed in my ability to up my plank time.  Planks have always been my biggest challenge and have gotten more so after my pregnancy. I fear i will never get that strength back that I lost carrying a red headed bowling ball.  I am trying not to dwell and celebrate what I can do.  
The weather has been all over the place this week but one thing is certain, the humidity is here to stay.  I have been really struggling when the dew point gets in the upper 60s.  I have instituted a walk run plan so I don't over heat and pass out . I also have been religiously taking my water bottle with a NUUN tablet it in.  
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I have needed my runs this week though for my soul.  This night was a tough run as I found out one of my newer students had passed away.  I don't know exactly what happened, but it appears it may have been suicide.  He never showed any signs of depression or anything, so I am at a loss as to what happened.  We had seen him that sunday at our lab party and he seemed fine.  I am still struggling with some feelings.  I have replayed every single conversation we had ever had to try and remember anything that would have or should have thrown up the red flags. I can't remember anything.  Rest in peace sweet Vaughn.  You were a good kid and I am praying for your family.   
I sure have been hugging and kissing this little man a ton this week.  I know you can't control everything that happens in their life, but I can for now. 
And a Deuce update.  His allergies are back, big time.  I don't know what else to do.  It seems the zyrtec isn't working this summer.  I am trying to treat with essential oils, mainly lavendar for any skin wounds he is creating, and melaluca for his ear issue.  So far it seems to be helping, but not curing.  I am going to try a little while longer before I give up and go back to steriods.  I love this dog so much and just want him to be allergy free.  

And to end on a much better note, Uncle Cayce has moved out officially.  He found a little apartment that fit his price range and allows his little dog.  He finally got everything out this week and we have been enjoying our family of three again.  We wish him the best of luck and will be there to guide and assist as we can. He is only a few blocks away and still comes over a few nights a week for family dinner.   

Have a great Friday and weekend!

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