Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The weekly runs (well last week actually)

cute running tank at walmart? Well yes, I will buy you:)
 This will be short and sweet, I promise.  Week one of marathon training in the books.  Still keeping mileage pretty low at the start and no speed work yet.  I finally feel like my everything is back to normal as far as aches and pains.  I have fully transitioned to running in my sacouny's and am using my nikes as my day time work shoes.  I was having some pretty odd knee pain but that seems to be going away after my massage/transitioning of shoes.  I have also started my two day a week strength training sessions.  I was able to do all reps of the 6 exercise set this week 2 times through.  I am really glad that Coach Jenny is giving me exactly the exercises she wants me to do and exactly how many reps.  I don't like coming up with that on my own.  While I have had to improvise with the weights and use a basketball instead of a stability ball, I think everything has gone well.  Here is a very brief description of my plan this week.
Playing around with the iphone photo timer thingy during clam shell
Monday: 4 miles easy pace (10:49 average pace that figures in brisk walking at the beginning and at the end)

Tuesday: Strength training

Wednesday: 5 miles easy pace (10:18 average pace because my BRF is faster than me)

Thursday: rest (stupid cold)

Friday: 4 easy miles (11:40 average pace.  Took deuce and the humidity zapped him so the last mile was super duper slow and had some walking in puddles to cool him down)

Saturday: 9 easy miles with BRF and stella ella (10:30 average pace)
Sunday: Strength training and a nice long walk with the kiddo and hubby around the neighborhood

Total miles run: 22 miles

Looking forward to a nice slow transition up to marathon mileage and NO INJURIES!!!!

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