Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Andrew!

It has been a very exciting week!  My little red turned three on friday!
I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be a mom.  A dog mom, yes, 6 times over, but not a human mom!  He has made this whole experience so awesome, and he is a super blessing.  When God decided it was time, he blessed us and I thank him every day for deciding we were ready, even though I was convinced we weren't!
I love being his mommy!  Year 2 has been so rich and rewarding, and I am ready for what year three brings us!
We had decided not to really have a party per se.  He has tons of toys, and he doesn't need more for sure.  Grammy had made sure he had plenty of gifts to open, and I had gotten several more practical things at Day out with Thomas.  We decided we would do cake at the preschool, and then have a fun day saturday in KC at the Science museum and the train station. 
Well, you know the saying about the best laid plans of mice and men?  Yep, had to put Sir Stubby in the shop for a few days to fix the AC.  We had had a pretty mild summer thus far, but in true KS fashion, it had arrived full force this week, and Andrew and I couldn't handle the heat anymore.
I had gotten pretty good at pulling the wind blown look off, because we went everywhere with the window down.  Lucky for us, we got a sweet 2015 Dodge Dart to rent.  It has nice AC and I LOVE driving it around.  Wish I could afford a car payment right now!  We only travel with two dogs (the old men have a wonderful dog sitter that stays with them when we have to leave), so we could totally make it work.  Oh well, maybe someday.  Should have my student loans paid off in another year or so.
Hubby decided at the last minute that little red needed his first big wheel.  I had several as a kid and wore them out.  Mine had a brake on it as well so I could go full speed, pull the brake and then spin around.  Guess that isn't safe anymore?  We made the mistake of opening presents before school.  Lesson learned, wait till after school if you want said child to actually go to school:)

I brought the cake after nap time.  This is the cake that andrew has been asking for, for at least a year.  While it was WAY more than we needed for his class, I had told him for a solid year that he could have it for his birthday, and I just couldn't buy just cupcakes after promising him.
The cake was a HUGE hit.  I really apologized like 100 times to the teachers.  They assured me they were about to let them out to play till the parents came to pick them up, and that it would be fine.
I even found a Thomas ballon when I went to pick up the cake.  I wisely had it in the car, so he had yet another surprise.
I would have to say it was a pretty perfect birthday.  Until this:
I kind of forgot that the dealership had my keys as in my house keys.  I tried breaking in but that didn't work (which is a good thing, right?).  The dogs were really confused as to why we weren't coming in.  Andrew was kind of upset that he couldn't get into the house to play with his new toys.  We did have fun waiting for daddy to come home from work looking for roly polys, which andrew calls Polys.  We had his favorite dinner of cheese pizza, which seems to be my new favorite night before a long run meal.  

Saturday, my long run got screwed up (next blog post) so we didn't get to KC, but we did get to Topeka to Chucky Cheese.  It was quite the experience and he was super overwhelmed for a while but then got over it and started having fun.  I have to admit, us adults had fun doing some the games too.  In the end andrew had enough tickets for a very cheap plastic monster truck that probably cost a quarter to make but isn't that the fun of it?

We also went to Barnes and Noble to get a wooden thomas with the money his grandma mobbs sent, but in the end, he chose two Thomas books that luckily for him, were on the clearance table.  He still has half of his birthday money, and I am so proud of him for being a bargain shopper!

Happy Birthday little red!  Thanks for making me a mommy and I LOVE you very much!  

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