Sunday, June 14, 2015

The weekly runs Chicago week 3

While most people just started training for Chicago, I am on week three.  We are taking things slow and I am totally fine with that.  

The heat and rain continue.  If it isn't really super hot and humid, it is raining cats and dogs.  Manhattan, where I work is actually under the threat of major flooding.  I don't think I have ever seen the area rivers so full.  

These are pictures I took off of FB so not mine at all, just borrowing.  The first pic is of the damn this week and the second is where the water was when we had the big flood in 1993.
Today's long run was no exception.  I had planned on getting up around 6 am and fueling with another flavor of UCAN and heading out again.  When I got up, the radar had a HUGE thunderstorm headed right for us.  I saw green, dark green and yellow.  I decided that wasn't safe, since I needed to do 11, so cuddled up, went back to sleep, and figured i would awake to the sound of rain.  Unfortunately or fortunately, it never did anything, so I wasted quite a bit of time, but the temp was still nice and low when we finally headed out.  I am very glad to report that i really like the cranberry/raspberry flavor of UCAN, and will probably be purchasing that flavor as my new pre work out fuel.  I didn't gag at all and was able to suck it down fairly quickly with a straw.  I still didn't have any problems during the run with GI issues or feeling tired, although I felt a little brain fuzz at mile 6, so went ahead and fueled.  It rained from about mile 3 till the very end, but it was a nice gentle rain that probably made it cooler than it was.  Some guy drove by us on our route and yelled out the window, "You are going to get wet little girl", to which I yelled " I won't melt".  I guess i should be happy he thought I was a kid?  Anyway, I have got to get up earlier if these summer long runs are going to be bearable.  It worked this time, but probably won't the next time.  
A very pretty and weird weed I saw.  They are all in bloom this week!

Here are the weekly runs for my coach:

Monday: 5 miles, easy pace

Tuesday: Strength training, 2 rounds of all of the exercises.  Stick a fork in me, this work out is killer

Wednesday: 6 miles, easy pace

Thursday:  Rest day

Friday: 4 miles, easy pace

Saturday: 11 miles, easy pace

Sunday: Strength training, 2 rounds of all exercises

Total weekly mileage: 26

I feel great, a little knee soreness that comes and goes.  It even rotates from knee to knee, so I guess that it is good that it isn't just one leg?  I haven't ever had knee pain, so this is new to me.  I tried wearing my iniji socks today on my long run, as I am getting a huge blood blister/callus on my right foot.  I have to admit, I didn't have any soreness in my toe after 11 wet miles, so guess I need to get more than one pair (or constantly wash that one pair).  My BRF swears by them and made me buy a pair and I am sold now!

Have a great sunday and a great week!

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