Sunday, June 7, 2015

The weekly runs (week two of Chicago Marathon training)

The Kansas heat and humidity has finally hit here, of course right about the time I am starting to ramp up my runs.  i have already started running later at night and that has been fitting into my BRF's schedule nicely.  The first week of running in super bad heat and humidity always seems to slow us down and make us pine for winter.  I am for sure a winter runner and I HATE the heat and humidity.  Bring me snow and wind chills any day!

Monday: 5 easy paced miles with my BRF

Tuesday: Strength training, 2 rounds of all the reps of each exercise.  Felt much stronger this time, did not feel like I was dying at the end of 2 but did not have enough time to do a third round

Wednesday: 6 easy paced miles with my BRF

Thursday: Off

Friday: 3 easy paced hilly town miles.  I had planned on doing 5 but my body had some weird aches and pains that I didn't want to make worse especially since I wanted to do 10 on saturday.

Saturday: 10 easy paced miles with my BRF on Linear trail.  We started at 8 and quickly within an hour realized that we should have started much earlier.  It was super hot and sticky and we were puddles by the end.

Sunday:  Strength training, 2 rounds of all of the reps of each exercise.  Felt great afterwards.

Looking forward to week three of this journey!  Should get some new exercises this week for strength training and the miles should keep going up!

Total miles for the week: 24

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