Sunday, June 21, 2015

The weekly runs: Week 4 of Chicago marathon training

Not going to lie, the humidity has been kicking my ass this week.  I keep waiting for my body to adjust but it hasn't yet.  It is beyond me on how I am ever going to get back to speed work or how I did so much speed work last year during the summer.  Here is the weekly runs for Coach Jenny:

Monday: 5 miles easy pace

Tuesday: Rest day (dinner and a beer with a former professor)

Wednesday: 5 miles easy pace

Thursday: Strength training: 3 rounds of all exercises

Friday: 4 miles easy pace

Saturday: 12 miles, easy pace

Sunday: Strength training 3 rounds of all exercises

Saturday's long run was a very tough one. I can usually gut out most all weather conditions, but heat and humidity just knock me out.  I planned ahead with a big water bottle with grape Nuun.  I decided to take stella with the plan of if it got too nasty, I would call my hubby to come pick up stella and take her home.  Let's just say by the end of the run, we were walking 2 minutes and running 8.  I never felt like either of us was in danger of overheating, but I wanted to stay ahead of it for both of us.  We consumed together the whole bottle of water + Nuun and I had stella laying down in every puddle i could find.  Sucks for us because the farmers aren't irrigating much this summer due to all of the rain, so we don't have our big kid sprinklers to run through or the huge puddles they make on the road.
This was a pic I sent my BRF to prove I was hydrating during my run LOL!

I did try another flavor of UCAN today (pomegranate/blueberry), and had trouble getting it down.  I am hoping that the flavor I did like (cran-raz) and just ordered won't make me so sick to drink down.  I think the fact that I got up earlier was a factor as my tummy is not settled early in the morning.  I was gagging about half way into the 16 oz, but managed to get it all down.  I am not sure how getting up even earlier is going to affect this gag reflex that I seem to have when drinking UCAN.  I felt great during my run until about 6.5 miles and started getting brain fuzz, so fueled with my chomps.  Most of my previous 12 mile long runs included me fueling at least twice, so I think this product is working.  My legs felt great, but I think 6-7 miles is about as far as I want to push it.  I felt great afterwards as well and rehydrated with another half bottle of water + Nuun and then had my serving of chocolate milk and my quest bar.

I did learn today that I need to get up even earlier.  I hit the road at 6 am and the sun was already up and it was already hot.  While the humidity is pretty horrible earlier in the morning, I think for my safety and stella's if she gets to come, that we need to be out on the road by 5 or 5:30 am.  That means, gulp, getting up at 4:30 at least.  I know it needs to be done and I have discussed this with the hubby.  I can't be a zombie so I need to get to bed earlier.  Little red was in bed by 10:30 last night but that still isn't early enough.   I think i am just going to have to sneak off to the guest room on friday nights and hit the hay minus the kiddo and hubby.  That way at least, I can get to bed earlier and not wake anyone else up when I get up.  Not ideal but necessary.

Well, have a great weekend everyone!  Try and stay cool!

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