Saturday, June 6, 2015

Happy National running day (like several days late:)

Okay so just pretend I just wrote this the day after.  Whoops.  Busy and work and home and trying to catch up on blogging all while my son naps :)

Yesterday was deemed National Day of running.  Wow, the hashtags were plentiful.  So many different places to put pictures on FB and instagram and twitter.   Lots of blogs of why I am thankful for running or why I run.
My BRF and I had to run late last night.  I am glad because it was hot and humid.  By the time we got out, it was just humid.  We attempted to take a sweaty selfie at the end of our 6 miles with stella but it was so dark that this is the best I could get.  That brown blob in the middle is stella, who refused to sit still.  
Sunrises are beautiful, but I prefer sunsets.  There was a slight breeze in our face when we headed east and south, but nothing but a wall of humidity when we headed west and north.  We were two puddles by the end, and miss Stella was a panting muddy mess.  I encouraged her to get into as many puddles as possible to stay cool.   I am really being spoiled by this unusually cool summer weather and would like for it to stay.  I am really not looking forward to hot and humid runs, which means miss Stella stays at home.  I need either her or my BRF mentally to get through runs, especially in marathon training, where I  have much longer weekly runs.  

Now, why do I run, what does running do for me and why I am thankful for running?  Oh boy, so many reasons.  For me I was running before having my kiddo but having andrew made me want to run more.  When you become a mom, you let a huge part of you go.  You become more selfless, and I fought that at first tooth and nail.  I wanted my old life back, my traveling to dog shows, my seeing my friends every weekend, and setting big sometimes expensive goals for myself and my pups.  While running will never replace my old lifestyle, it sort of fills part of  that hole that not showing my dogs as much has left.  I can still goal set (which I love).  I can still  compete against myself and better myself.  I can set a good example for my kiddo of what a healthy lifestyle is, and how you can reach goals yourself.  I can show my son what perseverance is, no matter how you feel or how tired/unmotivated you are.  I also hope I can turn him onto a lifestyle of activity, not of inactivity, tv watching and video game playing.  Running gives me that me time I use to have when I was training deuce, stella, and miller/harley.  It also gives me some super endorphin that are pretty awesome and highly addictive.  I hope that in starting this healthy lifestyle five years ago that I will be around to see my own son's kids and their kiddos.  So that is why I run, for my son.  I am thankful for running for the sanity it gives me that i use to get other places. 

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