Sunday, June 28, 2015

The weekly runs -Training week 5, 16 weeks till Chicago

I just had to brag a moment before I talk about my runs.  I am SO proud of my hubby for getting back into lifting.  For Father's day, he ordered a new weight belt and he was showing it off for me.  He made me promise not to put this pic on FB or instagram, but my blog is neither so it doesn't count:)  He is really making big changes in his life and his health and I am really, really proud.  
Andrew thinks I am not doing enough weight in my strength training.  In this pic he is adding his body weight to my side plank.  I have to admit, the planking, while still very shaky on the third and final round, is getting a little better.  

Monday-4 miles, easy pace

Tuesday-6 miles of tempo: 1 mile warm up, four miles of 5 minutes at Marathon pace (10:00-10:20 range with an average of 10:13), 5 minutes of easy pace, 1 mile cool down


Thursday-Strength training 3 rounds of all exercises

Friday-4 miles, easy pace

Saturday-13 miles, easy pace

Sunday-Strength training

Total miles: 27 miles

My body seems to be getting use to the heat but I am glad that most of my runs thus far are at easy pace.  I may be forced to do speed work on the mill, but maybe we will have some more tolerable nights.  I did try sleeping in another room friday night, so I got a good night's sleep, which helped in getting up early, but I need to get up even earlier, I am afraid.  I see some 4 ams in stella and I's future.  

Well, have a great weekend and a great week ahead!  I am looking forward to my mother in law coming to town with her best friend. I am going to take off Tuesday to show them around town and do some fun stuff.  We also get friday off so it will be a lightish week at work. Have a fun and safe 4th of July y'all!

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