Thursday, July 2, 2015

A little carnival fun

This will be short and sweet.  Hopefully longer posts coming this weekend:)  Again, crazy busy at work, but I see a slow down possibly next week.  This is good and bad.  We need clients, but sometimes my poor brain needs a break from troubleshooting all of these projects.  It is tough because we have so many going at one time, all at different stages, and my brain just goes into over drive trying to think about all of them some time.

This week has been fun too because my mother in law is in town with her bestie.  I took off work tuesday to show them around town and took them all over the region to check out cool stuff.
I so want this solid oak cabinet!
Old carousel horses
Lemon drop doughnut from Varsity!  DELISH!

We saw some beautiful antiques, had some good lunch, some yummy doughnuts and some tasty coffee.  I am really really thankful that my kiddos in the lab took over for the day and allowed me to get away.

Then last night, we got to head to our town's 4th of July carnival.  I blog about it every year but it is amazing!  I was so excited because this is the first year I felt like Andrew would really want to ride the rides.
We started off on the carousel.  He was so excited when we got on, but that quickly changed.  As soon as the ride started, he freaked out and tried to bail, but was thankfully seat belted on.  I was right there to comfort him and I have NO clue what freaked him out, but we stayed on and worked it out and he actually had more fun and rode a second time.   

From there we moved on to giant spinning tea cups.  He asked to ride them, and since him and I could ride together, he seemed pretty excited till once again, the ride started.  The cup spun a little on its own, but you could really make it spin by moving the wheel in the middle.  As soon as it started,  he looked at me and said DO NOT MAKE IT SPIN!  As with the carousel, by the end he was fine and laughing and screaming a little.  After that, we had to have a break, because he declared all of the other kid rides as scary (think cars going in a circle and motorcycles beeping and a giant slide).  We let him have a  grape snow cone, and walk around and for whatever reason, he declared he was not scared and wanted to ride more.  We ended up riding all the rides I could ride with him, including the elephants that go up and down in a circle (my fear of heights kicked in big time on this one, see my death grip on the bar?) and the helicopters that go up and down in a circle.  Also the giant spinning colorful dinosaurs that he allowed me to spin a little.  We had a ton of fun but it sure was HOT.  We were dripping by the end, and cut it short to head on home and cool down before bed. 
Thank goodness I am short and can ride all of this rides with him:)
 In a way I am glad that he doesn't love the rides yet, so we don't have to pay so much for riding (the arm bands are 22 bucks per person now, WOW), but I do like getting to ride some of the rides with him and hear him giggle and scream.  I mean, who doesn't love riding the carousel?  Maybe next year I can ride next to him on my own horse rather than standing next to him:)  

The hubs and I are having a date night tonight.  Pretty excited because we don't get those often!!! Should be interesting, going to the Tall grass Tap house tonight that has the BEST beer around, and I have a fourteen miler on the books for tomorrow.  I guess this will be a good experiment ( i probably won't have but one or two beers) to see what I can get away with, and still have a decent long run the next day!

Have a great 4th of July weekend (we get tomorrow OFF YIPPEEE!)

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