Saturday, July 18, 2015

15 Miles-a Long run story

I don't know about you, but I love reading about people's runs.  I like to hear that other people struggle, or feel good, or run out of steam, or better yet, finish strong.  I love reading what is or was going through their mind.  It makes me feel good when I feel the same feelings.  We all go through good times and struggles.  Not all runs are perfect but some are and they are magical.   Today, I wanted to break my long run down and talk about all the feels.

I had decided to get up a titch bit earlier than normal to try and beat the heat.  We have finally gotten in to true Kansas summers, with heat indices in the 100s daily and horrible high humidity.  I had looked at the weather, and even at 4 am, the temps were in the 80s with humidity in the 80 percent range.  I knew there was really no huge advantage to getting out earlier, other than I could suffer some without the sun beating down on me.
When I finally got everything together, got my UCAN downed and bathroom business acomplished, I headed outside to see and hear thunder and lightening.  WHAT?  There was no mention of rain or storms this morning, so that caught me off guard.  I had decided I was going to take stella for the 8 miles I planned on doing on the gravel, as the puddles are still huge for her to get in and cool off.  You could feel the humidity and the dew point was in the 70s.  It was a tough choice to take her but at any time, my hubby can swoop in and pick us up with a phone call, so she came with.  My plan was to do an out and back on the gravel, and then finish the 6 or so I lacked out on the shaded road I like to hit for long runs as well.  I was going to drop  stella off after the gravel run, and refill my water bottle, which ended up being a good plan.  I decided instead of waiting the storms out, I would run on the mill for 1 or 2 miles to let the storm pass.  After 1 mile, a potty break, and peak outside, it appeared that the storms had moved on, and that the lightening was more to the north east and not close.  
We were both very happy for the cloud cover and a little breeze.  While it was still horrible humid, the breeze helped keep us semi cooler than normal in these conditions.  I elected to run a mile and then walk for a minute or two per mile.  Despite the humidity, I was able to get my small amount of speed work in, a few 5 minute segments at MGP.  
I made sure stella got in every puddle.  She is now vaccinated for lepto, so I don't mind her drinking the puddles too.  We also shared my grape Nuun water as well to stay hydrated.  After our out and back, I dropped her by the house, and refilled my water bottle.  I was kind of dreading going back out by myself, but the cloud cover had dissipated, and it wasn't safe for her to be out anymore.  Since I had done 1 mile on the mill and 8 ish already, I only needed 6 more so headed back to the gravel.  There is an off shoot road that I don't normal go down due to loose dogs normally, but I haven't seen those dogs at all lately, so headed down that way and then circled back on the pavement.  I never truly felt like I was struggling or that might not finish, but I did certainly allow the heat to slow me down and did religiously stick to the walk/run plan.  
I did get a little emotional during my run a few times, and I am not sure why.  At one point I was kind of slowing down and a few negative thoughts did enter my brain.  Then I noticed this!  A beautiful rainbow appeared and a nice gentle rain started to fall.  It was like God himself was trying to help me stay cool and positive.  It worked for sure, my spirits were lifted as the sun beat down on me.  Towards the end of my run, I actually teared up and started to cry a little.  Again, not sure why, have only cried after my first half, and I know I will cry after my first full, but never really cried during a training run.  About that time, I was running through town, and an older man with a cane spoke to me.  I had my headphones in, something I rarely do anymore, but I needed a lift and Pitbill was singing fire ball at a very loud volume.  I yanked my headphones out and stopped and politely asked him what he had said.  He told me that he would race me if I broke both of my legs:)  It was kind of funny and helped me go from tears to a laugh.  I told him I was about to hit mile 15, and that he could probably beat me as it was.  We both had a good laugh, and I continued on my way.  I reached my street as my watch hit 14 (I hadn't timed my treadmill run) so I was finally DONE!  I had only fueled once, at mile 7.5, and not again and felt great!  I was actually hungry and ready to eat, which isn't normal for me.  I had consumed two huge bike hydration sized bottles of water with Nuun and honestly, did not have any salty sweat.  After my chocolate milk and quest bar, was able to eat a normal lunch. I think I have my nutrition down for my full,  YIPEEEEE!
I came home to this.  He was already in his trunks and ready to go to the "big water" AKA the city pool.  He had been asking to go to the big water all day friday (even though they swim at his school M, W, F), so we had promised him we would go today.  The pool didn't open till 12 so we had time to go and find some cheap water toys.  
He wanted to play with EVERYONE else's toys last time, so this time I came prepared.  We spend almost 4 hours there today, and both Tony and I fried our shoulders.  Bad me, sunscreen next time for sure.  Little red met a cute girl there, and they played the entire time we were there.  He is getting very brave, ducking his head under the water a little bit at a time, and jumping into tony's arms from the side.  We bought him a pool tube thingy and he would get in it and kick with his legs and motor around the pool.  The depth is only 2'8", so he can technically stand up in the whole kiddie pool area.  He even wanted to go to the deeper pool and motor around, which was nice to be in the big pool.  Needless to say, 4:30 am came awfully early, and I am afraid once I have dinner (and maybe a beer), I will be out like a light.   Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the weekend!  I am hoping for an early bedtime tonight too!

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