Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th of July part three

Seriously, if you want to celebrate the 4th in a big way, come to Wamego KS.  Not only do we have a carvnival that lasts almost all week, but we have a car show, tractor show, ice cream social, parade, band concert and fireworks.  I probably left out something but for a town of 5 K people, we really put on a great day and week for that matter.  Here are some of the pics we took at the festivities.  IT was amazing as always and I am so glad we got to share it with not only family, but good friends.
Fourth of July Love

Mad max at the car show
You never know what you might find at a car show

my car, waiting for them to deliver it any minute
Uncle Sam

Homemade ice cream social

Fire trucks are the bomb!
Parade watching and candy catching

Sparklers are awesome!
New friends made!
pink smoke bombs
Couldn't wait till dark
Worn out after a long day of fire works, parades, candy and family
Can't wait till next year.  The fire works were amazing as always.  I am not sure how many people we had this year in our little town, last year it was 60 K but it seemed like more this year.  We are all in recovery mode here in casa Coleman with the late night and or the adult beverages taking their toll.  Hope y'all had a great fourth of july as well!

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