Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July Part 2

 Okay 4th of July continued.  The friday after our date night, I had 14 miles on tap.  I headed out at 6 am with two ladies, Mel G and Sarah E.  They are both super speedy, but were very kind to stay slow and stay with me.  We did my normal 6 mile loop and then headed out on the road.  Stella loved running with the super speedy Sarah.  I felt surprisingly well for two beers and not my normal pre long run night meal.  I am still amazed at how well UCAN works.  I tried less water this time, around 12 oz, so not as much to chug, and didn't gag near as  much getting it down.  I fueled around mile 8 and no more.  I felt so good, am getting super excited for my marathon!
Afterwards we played trains and laid around.  That was fine by me because well, 14 miles.

Andrew and I headed over to a family friend's place to do a pre-fourth party.  There were TONS of kids and little red played so hard that he was asleep by nine.  That was fine by me because 5 am had come way to early.
This morning I got up and did 4 for the 4th with my running group. 
It was the perfect morning and the weather was cool and comfortable.  My body was a little sore even though I drank water all day yesterday.  Oh well, we got it done and tomorrow I can get some strength training in since I skipped a day of it to have date night (coach approved skipping:).
Stella thinks i am silly but these pretty pink flowers were so cute and delicate that i had to have one behind my ear.  
Happy Fourth of July from the Coleman's!  More to come in part 3 which will happen this afternoon!

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