Friday, July 31, 2015


I seriously need to buy a laptop so I can blog at night.  There is a period of about 30 minutes as we are trying to get andrew to sleep, that would be a perfect time to blog.  SO much going on, so much to talk about, no time during the day to sit down and write like usual.
It's been an abnormal week for three reasons really.  Number one, I have one of my most favorite 10 Ks of the year this saturday.  I wanted to be fresh for this one, because they have totally changed the course, i have no clue what it will be like.  I want a PR, and think that I can accomplish this.  56 minutes, I am coming for you!

Secondly, the company we are a service center for has been in town helping me with preps.  I have had some super tough preps (thus the lack of posts) and some super busy weeks lately.  This is a very good problem to have.  I will take too many samples and eager customers any day.  We actually have a student now that comes in on the weekends and runs the machine just to keep up with the back log.   We had two nights of company dinners and morning workouts/runs that didn't happen due to storms.  Yes, I could have gotten on the dreadmill, but that leaves me to the third reason.

Third, i have been exhausted this week, and I am not sure why.  It isn't time for my monthly friend, but I think all of this getting up super early to run is accumulating and hitting me hard.  I have yet to get an early night/late morning sleep in, so I just walk around in a semi zombie state.  To combat this, I binge on coffee and diet soda that adds to me feeling like crap.   I have had two mornings where i have gotten up to either work out and or run and I have gone back to bed.  This is NOT like me.  I am dedicated to my schedule, no matter what.  Yes, I did get my two runs in this week, but I kind of wanted 3 before my race and my long run to counteract the lack of strength training.  Oh well, not going to beat myself up, but I would like to feel back to normal soon.  I also have had lots of aches and pains this week, which is also very odd since I am not doing much.  Maybe that is the problem, my body finally figured out i Had slowed down and decided to remind me that I am way overdue for a massage and body work.  Bleh.

On a positive note, I did find out that I am on Kansas Team Beef for the upcoming year.  What that means is that I get a jersey to wear at races, and I get to spread the word about using lean beef as a protein source.  It is our go to protein source in this house, so super stoked to be representing the team from now on. BONUS, on top of the jersey, I get certain races reimbursed, including Brew to Shoe!!!!!  How cool is that?  

Have a great weekend!  It will be interesting running a race one day and then long running the next but I will get it done!  Look forward to some recaps!

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