Sunday, July 19, 2015

Training Week #7, 13 weeks till chicago

Monday: 400 meter repeats at 8:45-9:00 pace with 2:30 walk back recovery.  I do these out on a flat gravel road, so I can leave water bottles and start from any position, since it is about an 800 meter straight away.  My BRF did these with me, and even though it was super humid, we averaged 8:35 on our repeats.  Still having problems slowing down to the ranges that I need to hit for my marathon training.  I am SO use to doing 8 minute repeats that the heat and humidity actually helped me to slow it a bit.

Tuesday: Strength training.  Wow, this work out combo was tough.  Ever heard of a spiderman push up?  Neither had I before this week.  Let's just say I had to wuss out and do a girl push up just to be able to attempt these babies.  Seriously, google spiderman push ups right now!  I am so not flexible, nor do I have much upper body strength, so I am pretty glad no one was home while I attempted these (or they would have had a good laugh).

Wednesday: Unexpected day off.  Woke up early to go do my tempo run with my BRF and it was storming, bad!  Was going to run that night on the dreadmill as hubby had a meeting in Topeka, and the severe storms returned.  Decided a rest day wasn't such a bad idea anyway, versus running on the mill.

Thursday: Tempo run.  1 mile warm up, 4 miles of alternating 7 minutes of GMP and 3 minutes of easy pace, one mile cool down.  I kind of have been misreading my plan and doing these wrong.  I was doing equal minutes of hard and easy when i was suppose to be doing way more minutes at hard.  Oh well, will do them correctly from now on:)  It was SUPER humid yet again and even at a 10 minute pace (slightly faster than my 10:15 I need to do), we were drained after every interval.  Due to the humidity, we walked a few times on the 3 minute easy.  I don't like to do that but we had to.  We were both drinking lots of water and Nuun and still feeling pretty beat.  Glad to have this work out done and over with.  Getting up early and running = 90-100% humidity guaranteed.

Friday: An easy three

Saturday: 15-see blog post-and a whole afternoon of swimming at the pool

Sunday: Strength

Total miles for the week: 30 miles this week

After doing my 15 miler this week in the heat and humidity, I am so excited to do my marathon!  If I can conquer those conditions, I can conquer anything!  Unfortunately or fortunately, my hubby is laid off again this week, so I will be able to go out early again and enjoy the 100% humidity:) and lower temps (if you count 80s as being lower).

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