Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July! Part one

I am sure this will be a two parter so here is part one.  I am up early to go for a 4th of July group run.  We are trying to make some of these group runs an annual thing for us crazy folks.  I ran 14 yesterday and am a little tired and sore, but had to re arrange my whole schedule this week and I am happy for it.
This happened on Thursday night!  Tony and i had an official date night, complete with yummy beer and good food.  Tallgrass beer, our local brewery that does some super tasty beers, opened up a Taphouse in down town.  I have been DYING to go, but knew that it wasn't going to happen for a while.  Since Grandma Mobbs was in town, I asked if she would mind having him for a day and a night, and she said, "No problem!", so off we went.  Unfortunately, I had moved my long run day to friday, so I had to reign it in and only have a couple and lots and lots of water.
I had heard that the food was not the best, but the beers were awesome.  I am not a huge foodie and will eat pretty much anything that is remotely good, so for me the food wasn't bad at all.
I had two beers, one was a ginger peach Saison and one was a chocolate porter.  Chocolate porter for the WIN!  Tony also had another Saison that was amazing (although super high ABV and I was driving), and we tried several of the others that they had on draft.  We pretty much know all of the Tall grass beers, but they had a few others we had never had from other beer companies and they do free tasters!
Yes, I was one super happy camper. I like my beers cold and full bodied, and this was both and more.  Try the Great Hambino.  It won't leave you disappointed at all!
Yeah, the food was a little fru fru for me, but still good.  First, we had an appetizer of seared queso fresco, which was big blocks of cheese that had been pan seared, with some pico de gallo on the side, and some sort of reduction sauce.  It was good, would have liked more pico and more chips, but we ate it down with our delicious beers.  We had an hour wait to be seated, but, the cool thing was, they had a huge bar complete with booths in the back of the restaurant that served beer and appetizers, so we had a nice place to sit and wait and eat our appetizer.  When it was time for food, I ordered the chicken and biscuit and Tony ordered a pepperoni pizza.  The pic above was of one biscuit and some of my fries.  I cleaned my plate.  The fries were really, really good and the chicken and biscuit was different, but yummy.  The biscuit had gravy on it with the chicken and bacon, so everything was contained.  The biscuit was a little dry, but again, I cleaned my plate.  Tony's pizza was more than enough for one person and thin crust.  The sauce was a rustic tomato sauce with a balsamic vinegar taste.  He ate the entire pizza but it was big enough it could be shared between two people if needed.  

Dessert was good as well.  I ordered the buffalo sweat float and tony ordered cheesecake with strawberry sauce.  I have to admit, I did not like the bitterness of the beer with the ice cream.  I mainly just ate the ice cream out and left the beer, since I was already at my two beer (plus a few free tasters) limit.  Overall, even with the hour wait, we had a very enjoyable night with GREAT beer and pretty good food.  We didn't come for the food, we came for the beer, so we weren't disappointed at all.  We already have picked out what we want to eat next date night, whenever that might be.

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