Sunday, July 12, 2015

The weekly runs: Training week 6, 14 weeks till chicago

We saw Minions yesterday!  It was a very cute movie and other than little red getting up and walking down our empty aisle once, he stayed glued to the screen and enjoyed the movie.  He and I got a little annoyed at the 30 minutes of previews before and he asked after each one, Is minions next?, which got some laughs.  We went to an early showing at 11 and the theater was mostly all kiddos.  Most if not all of the kids were very well behaved, which made for a very enjoyable experience for all.  5 stars for cuteness, funniness, and a fairly good storyline.  I loved Bob and would love a cute little stuffed Bob.

This is stella's really face this weekend.  Andrew has stopped napping regularly, which in a way is good, because it more usually than not means he goes to bed early.  The problem is, he can be a handful until he goes to sleep.  See him in the background rolling around on the floor?  Yep.  He did go to bed around 7:30 last night which is really, really early for my little night owl.  The hubs and I got to watch a movie!  It was really nice to be able to watch something with violence and no cartoons.  I am so behind on the Hunger Games movies so we watched the 3rd one FINALLY.   Two movies in one day, a new record for me.  I think the 10 miles and getting up at 5 am, plus the 100 + degree heat outside made me tired and more apt to sit still.  

I had to post a pic of my budda belly.   I am kind of proud, although I still have a long ways to go.  It's kind of hard to see, but I am getting some definition there!  I am also getting a waist!  I have always been kind of thick in the middle, so any chiseling away of that is a bonus.  Plus the cellulite on my upper legs is slowly melting away.  Part of that is running, but also the strength/toning I have been doing per Coach Jenny's work outs.  I have always had big thighs due to sports and riding horses , and it is nice now to be able to wear shorts with confidence.  Ignore the naked baby in the background.  My hubs just pointed out he was in the pic too LOL!  He likes to play trains while I work out since i work out in our bedroom, and it gives my hubby a break from always having to watch him while I do my running so it is a win/win situation.  Keeping clothes on this child is another story.  Let's just say he likes to be naked pretty much all the time.

Here are the weekly runs for my coach.  Kind of squished them all into three days to enjoy the cooler weather.  I feel pretty good after running three days in a row, so I know my strength training is paying off:

Monday: 5 miles, comfortable pace

Tuesday: Tempo run: 6 miles  of tempo: 1 mile warm up, four miles of 6 minutes at Marathon pace (10:00-10:20 range with an average of 10:00), 6 minutes of easy pace, 1 mile cool down.  I ran this with the speedy Mel so we hit around the 10 minute mark on our hard intervals.  

Wednesday: 4 miles, comfortable pace

Thursday: Strength

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 10 miles, comfortable pace

Sunday: Strength

Total miles for the week: 25 miles

Kind of a cut back week this wee,k but I am good with that.  The mileage is going to start creeping up in the zone that my body tends to crumble in, so any rest and recovery I can give it, the better.  I really do think the strength training is helping, as I only have very minor aches and pains (knocking on a huge piece of wood as  type this).  I take my recovery from each run very seriously, and am making sure I get a good balance of fats and proteins post hard work outs and long runs.  The rest of my diet has kind of been crap this week, and I need to get back to being good, especially at lunch.  Last week we didn't have any sample prep in the lab, so I ate out three days (BAD ME).  I am going to be good this week and stick to my hummus for lunch and my quest bars for my sweet tooth.    

Have a great week!  Since my hubby will be at home all week due to a short lay off, I am going to get to run in the morning.  Pray that my kiddo goes to be early every night!

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