Saturday, July 11, 2015

A week in a blur

Wow, where has the week gone to?  It's saturday already!  Here is some randomness for ya!  This week started out super cool so I got three of my runs done Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday while the highs were in the 70s and there was no humidity.
Four years ago she packed her bags and came to be a part of our house.  She has been the hardest aussie I have ever raised but we LOVE her so much.

So much that we ran in the rain together for our five miler.  We both needed that run and the rain didn't bother us at all.

We also had half priced cones at sonic one night.  It was PACKED but we got our ice cream and enjoyed it.  

Speed work with the speedy Mel.  I love running with her because she is quite a bit faster than me and even though we try to take it easy to stay at my pace, we still end up running a tiny bit faster than I mean to.  It's great to be pushed.  My BRF did it to me when we ran together at first and it helped me become a better runner.  

Rainbows on our 10 miler this morning.  It was almost 100% humidity but 74 when we headed out.  We had to take a few walk breaks due to the high humidity but we got our 10 in.  I think we were both covered in salt by the end, even though I was drinking my Nuun.  Mel went with me this morning and I was SO glad she did.  I needed the distraction from the horrible humidity.  I think we are going to have to start getting up at 4 to beat this crap:(  I say that every weekend but I think I am going to have to next week.  At least sneaking off and going to bed early helps.  I was out by 9:30 last night.  HEAVEN.

Again, four years?  WOW.  
Deuce got to sub in due to the cooler temps this week.  We did 4 together and had so much fun.  He really is starting to enjoy running with me, especially when i just take him.  

I loved the sunrise this morning but I was hoping those clouds would keep that sun behind them.  We were lucky till about mile 7.  Oh well, summer running, here we come.  Gotten lucky so far, probably time for our luck to run out.  

Have a great weekend! We are going to try despite the heat wave predicted. We are taking little red to see Minions today.  I can't wait!  He LOVES minions and I LOVE movie popcorn, so this should be fun.  Plus, the local running store is over by the movie theater so may sneak a visit in.   Talk to y'all later!

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