Sunday, July 26, 2015

Training week # 8, 12 weeks till Chicago!

The weeks really are flying by now. I got another week of morning runs done and a couple of cooler ones at that.  Here are the weekly runs for my coach:

Monday:  Unexpected rest day.  Got up early to run and it was storming.  Not wanting to do repeats on the dreadmill, I went back to bed.

Tuesday: 600 meter repeats x 6 with 2:30 minute walking recovery.  Done with my BRF and one of our other running friends.  Suffering is so much better with friends:)  We average an 8:45 pace which was a slightly faster than we had intended but I had forgotten to tell my watch a target pace so we were guessing on the repeats.

Wednesday: Tempo run.  1 mile warm up, 4 miles of alternating 7 minutes at MGP and 3 minutes recovery. 1 mile cool down.  My BRF came out and suffered with me on this one as well.  It was cooler but boy the humidity made it thick out.

Thursday:  Strength day 3 rounds of all of the exercises

Friday: An easy three on the dreadmill.  Woke up to stupid lightening and thunder.  At least I got to start watching Gone Girl.  I have read the book so been excited to actually watch the movie.

Saturday: 14 miles

Sunday: Strength

Total miles for the week: 28

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